Photo by Amy Glass

Photo by Amy Glass


Hannah Hoffman lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.  She studied glass art at the Ohio State University and discovered metalsmithing shortly after finishing her degree.  She quickly fell in love with the flexibility of metal, a forgiving material that allows her to make variation and unpredictability an integral part of her process.  Her favorite materials to work with are copper, brass, sterling silver, gold, and glass enamels

Her metal work demonstrates a balance between the industrial and the unrefined.  She enjoys creating work that embodies a contrast in texture, color & material.  Her intention is to create well crafted, comfortable work using quality materials.  All of her sterling silver & 14 kt gold pieces are crafted out of recycled metals.  



Photography by Rachel Joy Barehl.  Modeling by Aya Tariq McNally, Carlotta Penn, Madeline Pfister, and Anshea Christian Martin. Make-up by Aya Tariq McNally